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NeighborhoodAddressProperty TypeAsking PriceBeds/Baths/SqftOpen HouseOwners NameContact InfoSource
Uptown123 Main StreetCo-op$400,0002 / 2 / 10008/1 12-1pmJoe Smith(212)
Uptown123 BroadwayCo-op$500,0002 / 2 / 10008/1 12-1pmSally Smith(212) 555-1212Streeteasy
Uptown123 Elm StreetCo-op$600,0002 / 2 / 10008/1 12-1pmMark Smith(212) 555-1213Trulia
Midtown123 Park StreetCondo$700,0002 / 2 / 10008/1 12-1pmJohn Smith(212) 555-1214Zillow
Midtown123 Canal StreetCondo$800,0002 / 2 / 10008/1 12-1pmRichard Smith(212) 555-1215 sample@gmail.comCraigslist
Midtown123 Wall StreetCondo$900,0002 / 2 / 10008/1 12-1pmAbby Smith(212) 555-1216
Downtown123 Fulton StreetTownHouse$1,000,0002 / 2 / 10008/1 12-1pmRobert Smith(212) 555-1217 sample@gmail.comTrulia
Downtown123 Cherry StreetTownHouse$1,100,0002 / 2 / 10008/1 12-1pmNancy Smith(212)
Downtown123 Bridge StreetTownHouse$1,200,0002 / 2 / 10008/1 12-1pmJoe Sample Owner(212) 555-1219Streeteasy


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